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More Info on the Ecig Legal Situation in BC

I recently quit smoking and I’ve been using ecigs to kick the habit. I personally think they’re a great mechanism for quitting smoking, but obviously the government and certain lobbyists don’t agree with me.

Many electronic cigarette manufacturers try to promote electronic cigarettes as safe and effective alternatives to conventional cigarettes. The legislation surrounding electronic cigarettes has been somewhat complicated since their introduction. Some communities have been more welcoming of electronic cigarettes than others. In British Columbia, electronic cigarette users are going to have an increasingly difficult time practicing their habit.

lawmaking in british columbia

Where they’re deciding my future ability to smoke ecigs.

The Tobacco Control Act has been a formidable force in reducing their incidences of behavior related to smoking. Smokers all across Canada have had a more difficult time purchasing cigarettes in recent years. Finding places to smoke has been increasingly difficult. Experts disagree on what types of laws genuinely encourage people to give up the habit. It seems that smoking bans in public areas have been very successful at getting smokers to stop, since these kinds of bans make smoking so inconvenient that people find themselves quitting so they can continue to lead normal lives. Laws that make it harder to buy cigarettes in the first place are just another part of the picture.

In British Columbia, legislators are working on putting together the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, which will help expand the legislation on cigarettes to include electronic cigarettes. The new laws that are being put into place now will make it more difficult for underage individuals to purchase electronic cigarettes. These new laws will also interfere with electronic cigarette advertising, since the advertisers will only be able to operate in certain locations.

These new laws will also mean that electronic cigarette users won’t be able to smoke in public places and workplaces, at least not indoors. Electronic cigarettes will also not be sold in public buildings. Electronic cigarettes will be forbidden on all school grounds, regardless of whether or not the schools in question are private or public.

Canada once had a smoking culture, just like the United States and a good portion of the rest of the West. Many other parts of the world still maintain strong smoking cultures, and that’s with traditional types of cigarettes. The situation has very much changed in the West today. While lots of people still smoke, the culture at large places a great deal of emphasis on anti-smoking measures.

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act is just going to be the latest entry in that long line of new laws that has helped change the way the West perceives nicotine.

Canadian E Cigarette Regulations

Recently I took up smoking an e cigarette in order to avoid regular cigarettes. I was intrigued by the idea of it, and it seems to be working. However I’ve noticed that there are some regulations surrounding e cigarettes that may hinder my ability to keep smoking them.

Everyone knows that cigarettes are not your health’s best ally, but they often have an incurable hold on many people. As more and more people try to quit smoking, they tend to turn to alternatives that help them in this quest.

Unfortunately nicotine patches don’t work for everyone and often success, for many chain smokers, is an impossible task.

The e-cigarette or the electronic cigarette, though, is yet another alternative. And so far, many smokers have taken it up. It can contain a nicotine-based liquid that is to help stimulate the effect of inhaling tobacco. Unfortunately, while this is a new addition to the market, it is not yet certain whether is is a safe one.

A video with some interesting facts about e cigarettes.

Replacing one danger with another is not the best idea. And therefore many countries are working on regulating the sale and use of such products as many advocate in the favour of banning it altogether.

In Vancouver, Canada, the sale and smoking of e-cigarettes (especially by minors) was banned recently this year. On a national scale, the sale, advertising and importing or the device has been banned.

Not much is known about the long-term consequences of using these devices and the liquid within them. But the use of this product has not yet been banned on a personal level. As a result, while selling, importing or advertising it may get you into trouble with the law, simply consuming it personally cannot be held over your head.

Moreover, as various celebrities are spotted with this new device, it has begun a craze among many teens. Even so, countries like the USA have deemed this little pseudo-cigarette to be legal. They believe it is safe to use and therefore hold no laws against it. It does help smokers to quit and keeps the younger adults away from the cigarettes – which is a better known evil.

In spite of this, various individual states across the USA are trying to ban the sale and use of this device, at least within their own borders. So far, though, no law has been passed to this effect. Countries such as Australia, on the other hand, have deemed the electronic cigarette to be a threat and therefore banned considered banning sales of electronic cigarettes in australia all together.

E-cigarettes are currently an extremely controversial subject. The lesser explored their consequences are, the more fear they will arouse. While each country wishes to protect its own citizens and ensure their safety, not all countries agree on the definition of ‘danger’.

e cigarettes to quit smoking


So far, e-cigarettes have not shown any negative consequences, but that is mainly because they are still a relatively new invention and therefore there remains much to be learnt about them.

They may be advertised as the ideal tool to help smokers quit, and perhaps they are too. Even so, much still remains uncovered, and the contrasting laws of various countries reflect the same uncertainty regarding this product.

What is Boonstock?

Welcome back, I was reading up on this great music festival in BC, and wanted to talk a little bit about it!



Boonstock 2014, which was recently held August 1 to August 3rd,2014. It took place in Pentiction, British Columbia, and was the largest Western Canadian music festival. This represents the tenth year this festival was held, and by all indications it met its promoters expectations.

There were forty bands and forty DJ’s remixing electronic dance music for the enjoyment of the approximately 8,000 spectators. These musicians presented their latest dj remixes for the crowds entertainment, electronic dance music and rock were the basic genres of music played. Every music festival has its naysayers and Boonstock 2014 was no different.

The RCMP was upset that the Boonstock’s festival’s cost of policing, went over budget by $150,000. They laid out $200,000 and the budget to provide police for this event was $50,000. It would have been more, but the festival did not have a liquor license. In all there were 38 people arrested, and a reported 80 were transported to the hospital with drug and alcohol related troubles.

The worst thing that happened was the death of a 25 year old woman, from a supposed drug overdose. These kinds of music festivals seem to attract substance abusers. There are other health issues made worse by the heat, such as dehydration.

Even with the negative comments by the RCMP, the news media I sampled had positive things to say about how the festival was run. The variety of musical performers,the rustic outdoor setting, all are part of the appeal.

There are plans in motion to hold this festival at the same time in 2015. The organizers of the 2014 festival did an economic impact study to see how much money was added to the local economy by the festival. According to their figures they realized a positive economic impact of 4.5 million dollars for the festival, which included restaurants, lodging, salaries, and police. Because of the inefficacy of the company the promoters hired to do security, the RCMP filled in to cover the security breaches.

Boonstock video, 2014.

The way one can ascertain if an event is successful, has to take more than economics into consideration. What was the condition that the festival goers left the festival grounds in, after the festival was over? was there a need to expend money to do an extensive cleanup?

On the positive side, it is hard to say much negative about a festival that had nonstop music going until 3am, rain or shine. But there always will be people who see the glass as half empty instead of half full. I read a review that the festival was poorly organized, and then the following one contradicted it. Sometimes it is really hard to know what to believe.


Can Modern Habits Such As Smoking Be Very Damaging To Dental Health?

I was reading about a topic like this recently so I decided to bring some of this information here to present to you readers.

If one does look back at the ancient Roman-British from c 200-400 AD. It does appear that there was very little gum disease taking place during this specific period in time. As a matter of fact, we have more gum disease today, then there ever was during this ancient era.

This very surprising information does come directly from a study that was done on skulls by the Natural History Museum which was led by a leading King’s College London periodontist. This very surprising findings do provide further evidence on modern habits like smoking that can actually be damaging to one’s oral health overall.

Gum disease, which is medically referred to as being periodontitis, is the end result of a chronic inflammatory condition that is caused in reply to a massive amount of built-up dental plaque.
Though a good portion of the population does tend to suffer with mild gum disease in one form or another. There is factors such as cigarette smoking or medical conditions that can trigger off very severe periodontitis and this can lead to a loss of one’s teeth. Diabetics have been known to suffer from periodontitis.


This skull study was published in the British Dental Journal, and what it did entail, was to study 303 skulls that had been taken from a Romano-British burial ground in Poundbury, Dorset to find any evidence of dental disease.

Only 5% of the skulls did have evidence of moderate to severe gum disease. This meager amount was compared up against the population of today, which did reveal a whooping 15% to 30% of adults, who did in fact have chronic periodontitis that was progressive in description and required a regular trips to the dentist.

skull teeth smokingMany of the Roman skulls, which do make up part of the collections in the Paleontology department of the National History Museum, did have signs of infections and abscesses. Half of these skulls also did have the presence of caries or tooth decay as well. The population of skulls from Poundbury also did contain extensive tooth wear, which was something evident from a young age, and was because of their that was very rich in coarse grain and cereals during that time frame.

Those who did make up the Poundbury cemetery community were very similar genetically to those who did occupy populations in Modern Europe. They were comprised by countryside dwellers and also a Romanized urban population.
This population was known for being non-smokers and very low levels of diabetes mellitus in it. These two factors are what is known to be the cause of gum disease in modern populations. Considering all those who managed to make it past infancy, childhood illnesses, and managed to make it past malnutrition into adulthood. The peak age for death in Poundbury, Dorset, did appear to be at the age of being in their 40s. The presence of infectious diseases is what it believed to have been the major cause of death during this time period.

Professor Francis Hughes, who is the lead author of this study, as well as from the National History Museum did have the following to say “We were very surprised indeed by the fact that the issue of severe gum disease was something far less common to the Roman-British than in modern days. This is something, which is in spite of the fact, that during this time no one did use a toothbrush or visit the dentist like it is done today.

Gum disease is indeed something that has been found in the remains of ancestors. This includes in mummified remains that have been found in Egypt. It also appeared to be something that was eluded in the various writings of Assyrians, Babylonians, and Sumerians. The early Chinese are also included with these groups.

I thought this was pretty interesting because you would think we would have better teeth now than back then but I guess not!

OPEC Is Thinking About Raising Oil Prices…

It’s Lunchtime BC, lets read!

The latest news in Oil prices is that things are going down down down.

You may think to yourself, ok, I can handle that, I like cheaper gas! Well that’s one side of the story anyway. You’re right, gasoline prices may go down and you may be able to take a winter trip this year and not have it hurt your pocketbook so much. But did you ever think about the other side of the story? Lets take a look at it.

The story is that west texas intermediate crude is trading at 80$ a barrel and Brent oil is also sliding down to 85$ a barrel. The organization for petroleum exporting countries, word has it, is considering slowing production to decrease supply for oil.

The reason they would do something like this is basically supply and demand. When oil prices start dropping there’s only a few ways to increase those prices. There can be increased user demand for oil or there can be decreased producer supply for oil. The OPEC nations have it in their best interests to stabelize oil prices by decreasing production.

This sounds like a bad deal for the consumer around the world shopping for gasoline. However, look at it this way, when prices sky rocket out of control, OPEC can also increase production so that they can take the edge off by increasing world supply to go along with price increases thereby lowering prices.

This is economics my lunchtime friend! I enjoyed the study of economics in college and I like reading and discussing it now. If you have any thoughts on this brief summary of whats going on with Oil prices right now leave a comment or message me through contact us!